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Should I Attend a Hood Cleaning School
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Why Should I attend a Hood Cleaning School?

You really should attend a hood cleaning school before you go into that business.  In our opinion it is just as important as insurance.  Hood cleaning certification is required by NFPA 96, but at Hood-Tech Institute, we believe your training should be more than just about how to clean a kitchen grease exhaust systems properly.

Hood-Tech Institute is offering training in a low cost business in the entire business of commercial kitchen hood cleaning.  Other hood cleaning schools are selling equipment packages or complete franchise packages.  We have developed a hood cleaning school with you in mind.  It is NOT a franchise.  It is a complete low cost business training school. 

  *  No large franchise fact...NO franchise fees.
  *  We don’t sell you equipment...we tell you where to buy it and get the best deals.
  *  We don’t sell you supplies or tools...we tell you where to buy them and get the best deals.

Should I attend a hood cleaning school     Why should I attend a hood cleaning school
Hood-Tech Institute’s Business Training                         Hood-Tech Institute’s Field Training

What we do teach you is how to run a hood cleaning business.  Sure, you will learn how to clean a commercial kitchen grease exhaust system...and not on a dummy hood we set up in the back of our building.  At night you will go out with one of Hood-Pro, Inc.’s hood cleaning crews and learn by doing.  During the day (after some sleep) you will attend our hood cleaning school in a small comfortable classroom atmosphere and we will show and teach you all that we have learned about running a successful hood cleaning business since 1997.  A business that we have discovered is very recession resistant.

Some on the Internet Say a Hood Cleaning School is Unnecessary
Some say a hood cleaning school is unnecessary.  Don’t believe it.  Perhaps they attended one...perhaps they did not learn anything.  There are some bad schools out there.  We think some schools try and train too many students at one time and other schools (and franchises) are charging way too much money.  Some say just find someone a tag along with them a while to learn the hood cleaning business.  At Hood-Tech Institute we don’t think that is good advise.  In fact, we think it is BAD advise. So should you attend a hood cleaning school... YES!

For example, let’s say there is an unfortunate accident and lawyers get involved.  You are being sued.  One of the first things the opposing attorney is going to attempt to do is to discredit you or your business.  He will want you to look negligent, inept, or unprofessional (preferably all three).  The opposing attorney will seek out every legal misstep you have made.  Do you really want to admit that you were not certified in accordance with NFPA 96?  Do you want to stand there in court with your insurance company and say, "I followed Billy Bob around while he cleaned a couple hoods?"

Know the Hood Cleaning Business BEFORE you Start

Cleaning commercial kitchen exhaust systems as a job, as a business, or as a business investment is a profitable business opportunity. Consider that restaurants and other commercial kitchens are required by fire codes, food inspectors, insurance companies, and property owners, this profitable business opportunity offers steady income to the person will to apply him or herself. 

If you have the will, we will show you the way. At our
hood cleaning school, you will learn how to navigate to income security through this recession resistant job. Contact Hood-Tech Institute today and begin your journey to financial freedom in a recession proof business.

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